5 Successful Tips and Tricks for Game Development for Android and iOS

Mobile gaming and development is definitely a huge market which can be used for potential revenue. There are so many success stories for games such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Angry Birds. These games have managed to inspire a million others to take some initiative in the world of iOS and Android game development. About 62% of mobile users install a particular game just a week after they buy their device.

It is no surprise that mobile gaming has huge marketing potential. However, there are just a few games that are able to do well in the industry. The rest of them are not really able to recover from the development costs and expenditure that follows. After all, it is not really easy to develop a mobile game for Android and iOS platforms.
To create a game that is functional and profitable, developers need to do tons of market research along with some other efforts as well. Strategic monetization and engaging gameplay are some of the important factors that one needs to keep in mind. In order to make the process a bit easier, here we have some tips and tricks which can help.

Why Does Mobile Game Development Fail?

The possible reasons for a mobile game failure could be many. However, there are some faults in the mentioned areas which truly affect the functionality of the game.
  • If the mobile game is not able to earn any profits, then it can fail.
  • The budget of the game development is exhausted even before the launch of the game and there is no room to make innovatory changes.
  • If the game is too complicated or heavy, it might not perform admirably.

All of the reasons mentioned above could contribute to the failure of the game. But it doesn’t mean designing and developing a proper mobile game is impossible. All you need is some budget and a bit of help from us. So, there are some tricks which you should keep in mind and it will guarantee some success for your idea of game development for Android.

Some Key Tricks For Proper Mobile Game Development for Android and iOS

Developing a mobile game is hard. But with the right guidance, one can achieve that goal and design an iOS game and Android game that is perfect for the users. Presented below are some tips for help.

1. Identify The Important Platforms

After you have given a little bit of thought to your idea of the game, you need to check for the perfect platform. Most gaming platforms come forth with their own sets of pros and cons. So, it is essential that you choose the correct platform which would actually form the crux of your game development process.
While choosing the platform, mobile game developers need to keep these basic parameters in mind. Your game’s target market will probably play a very important role in game development. Also, the graphics and processing of your game are some important requirements.
For mobile game development, choosing between platforms such as iOS, Android, or hybrid is also very important. All these factors need to be kept in mind when you are making the choice for your definitive platform.

2. Create Some Great UI/UX

For proper mobile game development, stunning UX and UI is a necessity. The UX and UI of the game are what make it engaging and interesting to the people. So, you need to be certain that the design of your game is completely amazing and compelling enough for people to install it.
In case the game has too many complicated control and performance issues, people will not be interested in it. Refer to some of the important basics of gaming theory if you find yourself confused or in need of some help.
Remember one thing that overwhelming the audience with different options is not the main goal here. You need to ensure that people have some tutorials for the gameplay so that they can understand it better.
Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the design of your game graphics isn’t going through much pixelation. This can also make the phone users disinterested in your game.

3. Stories Can Help

Another one of the important tips here for you would be to include a story in the game. In case your game doesn’t have a story, try making one. It has been found out that stories help in gripping the attention of the user. It also helps them get a better understanding of the game. Plus, who doesn’t love stories, right?
With stories, mobile game developers can provide some of the boring games a character so that people can be interested in it. With a perfect storyline, your customers would be hooked to the game and will want to play it again and again.

4. Take The Help Of Social Media

Using social media power for driving some engagement into the game might be a great idea for game development. People love gaming levels, rewards, sharing gifts, and getting them too. You can use the limitless potential of social media to generate some growth and traction for your game.
Not to mention that social media platforms are simply the best for the word of mouth promotion. Targeting some social communities and groups on social media will be the base for a strong audience. Go ahead and include that in the game development plan you have to see some of the best results.

5. Test Rigorously

No matter what platform you choose for the launch of your game, crashes and bugs are the worst enemies for your game because users hate these. You wouldn’t want your users to uninstall the game just because the performance of the game is hindered due to bugs, right?
With the help of rigorous testing, such problems can be avoided from the beginning. You need to have proper testing for your mobile games on every single platform available to remove any kind of bugs or crashes that might be present.


With the help of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one can create an Android or iOS game that is quite popular amongst the users.


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